Concrete docks are becoming preferable compared to wooden docks. The materials used to create concrete docks are usually assembled. This is done by putting all modular components together. This process makes concrete docks provide safe and durable solutions at the dock.

There are two different techniques used to install or construct a concrete dock. They can either be constructed to float or stay fixed.

Are Concrete Docks Safe?

This type of construction has its components which are concrete, built from using durable materials. An example of the material used is polyethylene. This makes its displacement in water lower than that of a concrete slab. However, the materials used make it more stable and resilient guaranteeing safety. Get more information about floating docks on

The Cost of Concrete Docks

Concrete docks are assumed to be costly by many when compared to wooden docks. Even if that was the case, concrete docks have proven to be more durable compared to the wooden one. Concrete docks can last twice the duration of a wooden dock. This makes concrete docks, more cost-effective. Besides, they are easy to maintain.

Installation of Concrete Docks

The materials used are pre-fabricated. This allows you to select a combination of your choice. Later they are transported by road to the required location. Once at the destination, they are unloaded and put into the water because they are floaters. They are moved in place and later installed.

A Quick Cardinal Grasp on Concrete Docks Decor 

Advantages of Concrete Docks

Concrete Docks are Easy to Maintain

  • Concrete Docks are very cheap to maintain compared to other materials. In studies done in the 1970s about floating Concrete docks, it shows that maintaining a concrete dock is 10 percent cheaper when compared to steel docks.
  • When compared to a well built wooden dock, concrete docks are easy to maintain and they also last in longer.

Concrete Docks are very durable

For concrete to be used on docks, it has to be pre-pressed and reinforced. These two processes make the concrete insensitive to fatigue. This feature makes concrete the most durable material to use in constructing docks. Concrete docks if properly installed can last up to 70 years with defaults.

Concrete Docks are Environmentally-Friendly

The protection of marine life should be prioritized before any type of dock is built. Concrete docks are kinder to the environment compared to other types. For example, the wood used to make wooden docks have added chemicals that keep them preserved. An example of the chemical used is chromate copper arsenate (CCA). These chemicals are dangerous to the environment and marine life. However, concrete docks do not have any chemicals in them. This feature makes them perfect in terms of taking care of the environment.

Concrete Docks are Easy to Customize

The concrete used to make docks is usually modular. This characteristic makes it easier for it to be customized. Different types of anchors or pilings attachments can easily be designed using concrete. Unlike other docks, concretedocks can be configured to meet your preferences.

Bottom Line

The main concern that people have about concrete docks is their response to heat. This should not prevent you from investing in concrete docks. Because even though concrete attracts more sunlight, it also holds the warmth longer. This feature allows the dick to radiate warmth even after the sun has set.